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13-Jul-2015 08:08

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She's a lovely person, and I feel like if I take something from her, and she's taken some stuff from me in the film. GH: At this age, nobody really knows what they want to be in the long run.

Her fiery temper doesn't come from nowhere, people! A lot of people know what they want to do in the short run.

Getting in depth with her was like, as Will said, I've looked inside myself and am figuring out who I am as well. I feel like after being Lucy, I feel like I've become a better friend to my friends.

I feel like I can be a lot more loyal to them because I feel like Lucy is and qualities like that.

And I'm very looking forward to filming the next Narnia installment, which I've signed on to do and which I'm really excited about because it's my favorite Narnia book, Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

And I think that having that journey without William and Anna {Popplewell} will be OK, but I think as an actress, you have to cope with those changes and changing the director and things, I mean Andrew {Adamson, director}'s leaving me as well!

I've changed schools because, you know, primary school, secondary school. And it was weird going to a bigger school with bigger people, and you know, sometimes, you do get taken the mick out of because of Narnia.

GH: But you know, I don't mind because Im proud of what I did, but I think the big change really was Lucy, the character, and the nice thing was that I kind of have grown with her and she's grown with me. I love the fact that changing her has changed me, as well.

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We got to speak briefly with Will Moseley, Ben Barnes, Peter Dinklange and producer Mark Johnson at the New York Comic Con, but we had such a great chat that we sat down again with the actors, this time joined by Anna Popplewell and the adorable Georgie Henley to explore the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. It was a really rewarding experience, as is this one, but we were seeing it all for the first time, and comparatively, the second film, we were going into it for the second time, so you really want to take a step up.

I feel like a professional, and physically, I think I've learned a lot about my body and what feels good, what works well, and emotionally, I really got much more in touch with myself.

GH: Well, since the first one got released, I mean, a lot happened.

I'm still a child, I'm still going through childhood, I mean there are so many other things I want to do.

You really want to push it to the next level, go that extra mile, and for me, personally, I worked with an acting coach for three and a half months here in New York -- with Sheila Gray for three and a half months and then I also worked with a boxing trainer.So, really what's changed is hopefully I've become a better actor.

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