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11-Jan-2015 06:33

Yet if one looks under the hood of our health-care system, the big cost driver isn't a lack of access to preventive care.Rather, hospital care, which comprises about a third of national health-care spending, is the single biggest line item in the nation's health-care bill.The Federation of American Hospitals, along with the American Hospital Association, The Catholic Health Association of the United States, and Association of American Medical Colleges, jointly filed an amicus brief on October 31st with the DC Circuit Court of Appeals in House v. The Federation of American Hospitals chose a new Board of Directors and a Chairman-elect on Tuesday.The board is made up of leaders from FAH’s twelve member companies. The health care field is constantly evolving and having these CEO’s contribute their expertise and deep understanding of our industry will only enhance our organization’s ability to effectively answer the challenges facing us now and into the future,” said Chip Kahn, President and CEO of FAH.THE ROOTS OF CONSOLIDATION Before embarking on a history of consolidation in the industry, understanding hospital spending patterns is crucial.After all, if we assume that heavily consolidated hospital markets are more expensive (and they are), and that the more expensive they are the more we spend on hospitals (and we do), trends in hospital spending are an indispensable tool for gaining insight into the competitive dynamics of the industry.

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As a result, hospitals have assumed more market power, producing worse outcomes and higher prices for patients.

In order to actually reduce costs and put patients first, policymakers should prioritize reforms at the state level, where health-care markets operate.

Through policies that reduce barriers to entry for innovative firms, pay providers based on outcomes, and increase the transparency of costs for both patients and insurers, states can begin to introduce more competition into health-care markets and better serve patients.

Such reforms would also push back against the legacy of regulations that have enhanced the market power of hospitals in recent years at the expense of patients.

ince the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, most of America's health-care policy discussion has focused on insurance expansion as a way to "bend the curve" of the country's outsized health-care spending.The Obama administration has touted the ACA as a reform that not only extends coverage to millions of Americans, but also reduces the long-term cost of care.

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