Benefits to updating the firewall infrastructure

20-Aug-2015 20:50

benefits to updating the firewall infrastructure-54

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WHOA Premium Firewall Cloud Security: Our Premier Firewall allows you to implement best security practices that state that your mission-critical applications and data should be isolated in secure segments and apply ‘never trust and always verify‘ principles at each segmentation point.

This firewall can be used as a gateway within your virtual network or in between the Cloud Servers.

To provide our clients a secure cloud, we offer two network firewall options as part of our layered approach to security to provide protection for our networks against all threats.

benefits to updating the firewall infrastructure-55

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Our Firewalls use advanced detection mechanisms including a signature-based approach, which is an Intrusion prevention and Antivirus approach, and also a Layer 7 protocol analysis-based approach, we also provide proactive 24 x 7 updates on threats to enable a safe cloud environment and protect your mission critical applications.

IP addresses and port numbers are useful for network devices but tell you nothing about what is on the network.

To ensure that your cloud environment has the required network security in place, all of our cloud solutions come with an Edge Firewall to all of our customers as an included service Our standard firewall is designed with the particular requirements of cloud computing in mind, and is equipped accordingly.

This cloud Edge firewall boasts many different features designed to maximize security for your cloud.

WHOA offers a premium firewall solution to our clients with extreme security requirements and ultra-sensitive information.Our premium firewall supports safely enabling applications based on users and groups, and flexible networking foundation facilitates integration into nearly any network.

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