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Kelsey prefers to work in abstract forms because they have the ability to create images and stories that are unique to each individual viewer. Kelsey’s studio is located in Port Orchard, Washington.

Description: The life-sized horse stands approximately seven feet tall, weighs one ton and is made entirely of old metal parts.

The Farm features dozens of animals for petting, an equestrian center, a mini train, inflatables, access to Issaquah creek, a large patio for snacks, dining or family/corporate events, miniature Farm Village playhouses, and the Country Market featuring organic goods, antique items and more.

With each season features special events such as easter egg hunts, pumpkin picking, holiday festivals, etc.

Description: The dairy’s large wall was painted with the mural to commemorate “A Century of Dairying in Issaquah.” The mural prominently depicts the creamery as it originally appeared and the Pickering family’s dairy barn and farm.

Description: Material is stainless steel and bronze.

Dedicated: The display began in December of 1999 and the collection was completed in 2001.

The Artist chose the title of the work because it was completed on the winter solstice.In Mesopotamian Mythology Mithra was the sun god and was reborn on the first day of winter each year.

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