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07-Jan-2016 03:25

Davina, 48, is bursting to tell us about her latest show, ITV’s Life At The Extreme.

"I’m warning you, I talk about this show a lot," she says, fizzing with energy, before launching into a quite frankly terrifying anecdote about being stalked by a lion (more on that later). "It was four weeks away from the kids, which was tough.

"The cheetah had a lie down and I was still running, so, “In your face cheetah! As we chat, she’s picking steamed broccoli out of a bowl with her fingers – "Yeah mate, I’ll have some of that," she says, more excited than most people would be about a bowl of broccoli. "I used to feel guilty about saying I enjoyed work, but now they’re older and they’re at school, I can think, “What do I want to do?”’ With a stash of bestselling exercise DVDs under her belt, as well as two cookbooks (and even her own kitchenware range for Lakeland), Davina is a crusader for healthy eating and (choke) a sugar-free life.There’s a bit of a commotion going on in the hotel suite where Davina Mc Call is waiting to chat to us.Her agent has brought along his dog (Benny the French bulldog), and she’s totally distracted. " she gushes, adding that her husband Matthew is allergic to animals.

"That’s when you really want your family, or you just want a hug, or your kids to say, “It’s all right mummy.”’ It’s fair to say the experience was emotionally and physically demanding, but Davina, who ran, swam and cycled across the UK for Sport Relief in 2014, is no stranger to a challenge. And food definitely does play a role in the menopause. "Actually, having thought for quite a long time that I might retire at 50, I’m really enjoying work again," she reveals. When your children are little it robs you of that real enjoyment of work because you’d always rather just be with your kids, they’re so cute.

"I think part of the reason they chose me for this show is because I am fit,’ says Davina, who had to race a cheetah. She’s one of those celebrities who looks even better in person than they do on telly (and yes, her hair really is as glossy as in those Garnier ads). "I was lucky because I only really had Big Brother when they were toddlers, so I worked two or three days a week.

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