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” As Loretta is going in on Ron Gibson and Lady Lavette, Bishop Jones is just sitting back and not saying a word.Is it that he wants her to “handle it” like she always does or is it that he seems to really think that The Gibson’s don’t have a problem with know that she wants to marry you.The problem is that Loretta allowed him to get comfortable in the “relationship” or “friendship” as Noel Jones will have you believe and he has not been required to stand up for her when necessary, hold her down when the situation presents itself or make her a wife after 16 years.How many more years will Loretta wait for Bishop Jones to I saw the aftershow.Loretta says that Bishop Jones “hates conflict and confrontation and I usually handle that for him.” REALLY, He is a grown as man, who has you fighting his battles but he won’t fight for YOU?Over dinner, as the turns to Bishop Jones and Loretta’s “relationship,” as it usually does when Ron Gibson is around, he asks if they are in a relationship and Loretta responds, “Yes.” Ron Gibson goes on to say that he can not agree to work with them if they are fornicating and said that he and the world needs to know what their relationship status is and Bishop Jones says, Loretta seems to have a look on her face like, “Did he really just say that?

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As they talk about whether or not Ron Gibson will be a part of the crusade, Bishop Jones tells Loretta, “Ron’s got a problem with YOU.” Loretta responds, “Yeah, I think Ron and Lavette have a problem with both of US.” He goes on to say that nobody has a problem with him and her response is, .Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta have been in a 16 year , are business partners and to be very honest, she “acts” as his wife…almost “First Lady” but doesn’t have the ring or the title.On Season One of Preacher’s of LA, there were several “masked” reasons, why Bishop Noel Jones wouldn’t marry Loretta but in Season Two, those reasons seems to slap you in the face and for the love of God, I don’t understand why a woman, as beautiful as Loretta, would SETTLE for being a girlfriend for 16 years but play the role of a wife.But when they asked her to continue there was a long pause, because she got emotiona. Reply I didn’t see the after show but heard about it. She believes the pillow talk and thinks he’ll come around but I’d love to know when she’ll get all the way fed up. From first glance you would assume that Ms Loretta is a confident woman, but if the truth be told, that relationship seems like one of convenience. Why she has held on to this man for 16 years is beyond me.

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The relationship drama on ‘Preacher’s of LA’ is just about as typical as any daytime soap opera but with a bit of self-righteousness and a whole lot of judging added to it.The relationship between Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta is one that seems to be the center of conversation on the show and for good reason.

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