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After adjusting for demographic characteristics, sharing sexual photos was associated with all types of sexual behaviors assessed (e.g., oral sex, vaginal sex) as well as some of the risky sexual behaviors examined-particularly having concurrent sexual partners and having more past-year sexual partners.Adolescents who shared sexual photos also were more likely to use substances and less likely to have high self-esteem than their demographically similar peers.Conclusions: Although the media has portrayed sexting as a problem caused by new technology, health professionals may be more effective by approaching it as an aspect of adolescent sexual development and exploration and, in some cases, risk-taking and psychosocial challenge.

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Wichtige Einflussfaktoren des Sexting sind das Geschlecht, das Alter, die Mediennutzungsdauer, der Konsum von Erotik-/Sexfi lmen, das Vorhandensein einer festen Partnerschaft, die Risikobereitschaft und der Alkoholkonsum.

Purpose: To examine the relation between "sexting" (sending and sharing sexual photos online, via text messaging, and in person) with sexual risk behaviors and psychosocial challenge in adolescence.

Methods: Data were collected online between 20 with 3,715 randomly selected 13- to 18-year-old youth across the United States.

Dieses Verhalten bezeichnet im engeren Sinn das Versenden oder Empfangen von Nacktbildern.

Die vorliegende Untersuchung gibt Auskunft über die Verbreitung und die Einfl ussfaktoren des Sexting anhand einer Befragung in drei Gymnasien unter insgesamt 2.584 Schülerinnen und Schülern.

Zudem ergibt sich ein Zusammenhang zwischen der Lehrkräftezuwendung und dem Sexting.

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