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16-Sep-2016 18:49

And then I notice a little green light flashing beneath the steering column and immediately I remember — I am being watched.

If you get a thrill from driving like Lewis Hamilton, this technology will send your premiums soaring.

Norwich Union launched and then scrapped a black box policy several years ago, but the no-gender ruling is expected to breathe new life into black box insurance as companies begin jockeying for the female market.

But that will come to an end in December when a European Court of Justice ruling comes into effect banning insurance companies from determining premiums on the basis of sex.

The industry was rocked last year when a Belgian campaign group persuaded the court that taking gender into account amounted to sexual discrimination — a decision that effectively requires insurers to ignore the hard facts on which they have based decisions for decades.

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’ says Steph Savill, founder of the Foxy Lady Drivers Club, where ‘Foxy’ equates to cunning rather than sexy: it is a club designed to help women avoid being ripped off by mechanics or insurers.‘Women have traditionally enjoyed lower premiums than men because they make fewer claims and, statistically, are generally less aggressive when they drive.

This ruling effectively means that instead of being rewarded for that, they will be penalised and made to subsidise the men.’Only a handful of companies are offering telematics insurance, but the numbers have been growing since the EU ruling.

It can tell how fast you are moving, whether you habitually accelerate or brake suddenly and if you are the sort of person who takes their car out every Saturday night until 4am.

And it will all be taken into account in your next insurance bill.

According to the UK Treasury, taking gender out of the equation will result in a general levelling of premiums, with women under 45 collectively expected to fork out an extra £920 million a year, while men will pay £620 million less.

Women under 25 could see their premiums leap by a quarter, while men the same age will save 10 per cent.‘We were absolutely livid when we heard about this — and we still are!

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