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03-Apr-2015 07:05

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According to a Pew survey, only 38 percent of those who are “single and searching” are signed up for one; the majority of singles are looking for love another way. There wasn’t anything particularly noble or lofty about my decision.

I have friends with online dating success stories, so I know it’s a good fit for some people. For me, dating online felt like it stripped away some of the humanity of the process.

While these brave souls may be the exception in the dating world, the show’s popularity speaks to what may be a growing weariness with today’s dating process.

In his standup comedy and his relationship book , comedian Aziz Ansari likewise marvels at his own parents’ arranged marriage.

Suddenly it becomes easy to reject someone you might connect with in real life based on superficial qualities.

When you’re faced with so many potential matches, you’re tempted to filter people based only on the information on the screen. Perhaps more to the point, that kind of rejection works the other way too.

is one of those extreme reality shows with a premise so far-fetched you can hardly believe it’s “reality,” yet there’s something about it that compels you to watch.

As the title suggests, it features three couples who are matched by a panel of experts and agree to get married upon their initial meeting.

In his book , Timothy Keller describes how the cultural view of relationships has morphed over the years from being community-focused to individual-focused.“The Enlightenment privatized marriage,” he said, “taking it out of the public sphere, and redefined its purpose as individual gratification, not any ‘broader good.’” According to a recent article on dating trends in New York, some singles are pushing back against dating sites after being burned by the impersonal, inorganic side of meeting people online.

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