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12-Apr-2016 10:38

I cannot tell you how frustrating it has been, when trying to debate politics with readers of the Guardian and the New York Times.To suggest to them that mass immigration is risky and destabilising; to urge that the married family needs to be supported, not dissolved; to say that education needs more rigour, discipline and selection; to advocate the deterrent punishment of crime rather than its indulgence; to suggest that pornography and swearing may damage civility; to object to attempts to abolish national borders and sovereignty; to say that violent liberal intervention in foreign countries is dangerous and wrong…Even now they are so self-righteous they cannot imagine any opponent giving them the consideration they would never give in return. Just because your entire life hitherto has been lived in peace, stability and security, doesn’t mean this is guaranteed to last forever.I believed (and still believe) that they had made a mistake even on their own terms, that they could not possibly want the consequences of what they were doing.In the end, this was the Weimar Republic and they were courting a grave risk that they would eventually drive people too far. I cannot see what I can actually do, except try not to make things worse.any or all of these things has earned me a patronising sneer, a lofty glance, a dismissal as if I am some sort of troglodyte who has got into the room by mistake.I said (as I recorded here a few weeks ago) to such people that they should listen to me while they could.

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I was content if they would only listen to me and moderate their policies.

I did not even seek to wrest power from them, if they would only moderate their dogmatic revolutionary drive.

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