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08-Aug-2015 10:01

Because it’s against the law, young Iranian women actually borrow their relatives’ babies to go out and meet their men or invite a friend along as a ‘shield’ so they don’t get arrested. Instead of the customary American one-on-one dates, Italians reportedly enjoy group outings.

In fact, according to one bella Italiana, 22-year-old ‘Isabella’, ”Many boys … So the girl makes him understand she likes him so then they can ‘arrange’ to go out together, beginning with ice cream or a movie.” Once you get Italian men to warm up to you, they’re caldissimo.

So a lot of the relationship is about maintaining the secrecy,” 20-year-old Arundathi Gururajan says, adding, “People tend to go on group dates because single dates are harder to get away with.” no rules.

“In Holland we do not have the kind of dates you know in America,” 24-year-old Dennis Dubbelman says. Sometimes there’s kissing involved, sometimes even more …

But until you prove yourself worthy, they’re lukewarm at best. Like Iran, arranged marriages still exist in India today, so dating just because you can is a foreign concept to most Indian women.

Plus, who wants to go on a romantic date with six friends? “Despite being in their twenties many young people still live at home and thus must abide by their parents’ rules.

If he doesn’t call in the States that means he doesn’t want to see you again — and isn’t it better to know for sure than to always wonder what happened? Mexican girls apparently get their first taste of romance from tele novelas, thus why they have higher expectations and a higher drama threshold when it comes to their relationships. According to Anastasia, the guys are willing to play ball with their lady loves’ fantasy fulfillments.

“[Americans] have a schedule like 1st date, 2nd date, etc. there are no strings attached.” However, according to Dennis, while they may not want to see you again and you may not know when you’ll hear from them next, they are totally gentleman-like when they Call me crazy, but I’m a traditional kind of girl.

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The men in New York City are too focused on their careers. You were all allowed to date in high school, right?

The guys in Los Angeles are too focused on their looks — and so on and so forth. Not so for the Japanese, who, for the most part, don’t dip into the dating pool until their college years.

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