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08-Jan-2016 09:39

He founded the Commodores in 1967 and wrote their hits 'Easy' and 'Three Times a Lady', making them one of America's most popular bands.

He dueted another of his songs, 'Endless Love', with Diana Ross - which outsold all previous Motown singles.

As the singer struggles to keep his sanity - and his fortune - intact, Marianne Macdonald meets a man 'in search of the next adventure' 'No, no, no, no, no,' he assures me, as if the idea is absurd.

'I went through a period of shock and all at first, but then what happens is, you kind of relax and realise it's a process that you'll go through.

Richie told The Mirror this week that in the early '90s, during one of the most difficult times of his life --he'd lost his father and divorced his first wife, Brenda Harvey-Richie at the same time -- a friend helped him discover the healing power of his own music."A friend said to me: ‘Lionel, I have some inspirational tapes I want you to listen to.' He handed me my own songs with certain ones underlined and I started listening to my lyrics -- this time from the point of view of someone who needed that message," Richie said.

From his wildchild daughter to the wife currently divorcing him for £165,000 a month, Lionel Richie has long had a tempestuous relationship with the ladies.

I had assumed this was because he was depressed about the divorce.But today, at the Mandarin Oriental in Hyde Park, he is radiating positivity, flirting in a relaxed and low-key way with the young women around us who are dressing him for the photo-shoot and seeing him through his schedule. ' he asks the poised, pretty, stick-thin stylist, before joking with the quiet PR girl about becoming her husband-to-be. 'But you know,' he interrupts himself, 'I think I'll just let it take its course.

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