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It looked as if she had had something done to her lips, which appeared puffy and swollen. Her arm was full of bracelets, one of which, she said softly, had been given to her by “Samantha”—Ronson, the D. “I know that I’m a damn good actress, and it’s been my passion since I was a child, and I know that when I care about something I put 100 percent and more into it. In the first arrest, as Judge Revel reminded the court on July 6, Lindsay had “left the scene and blamed someone else” after crashing her car into some shrubbery in L. “It was such a ridiculous situation, with the car and Michelle Peck.

And I know that in my past I was young and irresponsible—but that’s what growing up is. “I want the respect that I had when I was doing great movies. It’s the same thing every time.”The month and a half leading up to her dramatic July 6 court date (the media swarm outside the Beverly Hills Courthouse suggested something of O. proportions) had been an eventful period in what the tabloids like to call “La Vida Lohan.” Near the end of her probation, Lindsay’s lifestyle seemed not to have changed all that much from three years ago, when she was busted for two D. A.; in the second—in which Lindsay bizarrely commandeered a car with three young men in it in order to chase Michelle Peck, the mother of her ex-assistant, along several freeways and streets in Santa Monica—she “tried to blame it on two different people. Like, I talked to her on a sober level and I would confide in her.”“You were having an argument or something?

The sun was shining brightly down on a giant billboard in the streets below: GOT A DUI? A few days earlier, Lindsay had been sentenced to 90 days in the Lynwood correctional facility, to be followed by 90 days in rehab, for violating the terms of her probation for two D. “I had no idea that it was going to be anything like a trial.” But somehow everyone else did; for weeks before her July 6 hearing, speculation was running high that Lindsay was going to be sent to jail.

Her altercation with a waitress days before I met her had made headlines; the prospect of her incarceration had created a media frenzy.

A week before Lindsay Lohan went to jail, she met me in the rooftop party room of her apartment building in West Hollywood. “I was just thrown,” she said in her distinctive, sexy-smoky voice, a voice that could belong only to Lindsay Lohan, American actress and international tabloid obsession.

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“I have to support myself,” she told me, explaining her absences, all of which she claimed to have made up. Her dyed platinum-blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

She was very thin, wearing a white T-shirt and ripped jean shorts; a pair of Ugg boots covered the SCRAM bracelet (the court-ordered alcohol-monitoring device) strapped to her left ankle. And yet shining through her worry and stress and whatever else was currently affecting her mood was her all-American beauty, finer and more delicate in person than in pictures. She smelled of cigarettes and exotic perfume.“I don’t care what anyone says,” she told me, when we started talking about how her troubles had become a subject of such lurid fascination.

Even President Obama, being quizzed by the ladies on “You have not caught her attention,” L. deputy district attorney Danette Meyers told Superior Court judge Marsha Revel, revealing that Lindsay had missed seven of her weekly court-ordered alcohol-education classes.

Lindsay seemed baffled that she couldn’t just reschedule the classes on her own time. People root for me and say they want me to work, but then everyone’s against me.”She looked fatigued and drawn, stunned and maybe a little scared.

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You learn from your mistakes.“And I’m not getting any younger,” she said, flashing her luminous, wide-set green eyes. And if that takes not going out to a club at night, then so be it. And then when a white substance was found on her pants, she said these are not my pants. ,” I asked.“Yeah,” she said, “I just don’t wanna go into it.” Several people involved in the incident are now suing Lindsay for emotional distress and other damages; the trial is set for November.And then someone said they were her favorite pants,” said Revel. But all this drama seemed a distant memory this past May, when Lindsay was seen partying at the Cannes Film Festival, where she was promoting a movie in which she plans to star ( porn queen Linda Lovelace.

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