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) 30ies (who, at least at one point, are amusingly Borg-like), three pledges must tell a scary story each. The first story involves an evil doll, the second a creepy castle in Transsylvania and in the third, three babysitters (ok, they're not actually babysitters, but they might as well be to make the cliché complete) get creepy phone calls.This is far from the worst film I've seen (that honour still belongs to Unearthed), and sadly, it is not so-bad-it's-good either.In fact, most Halloween specials have told these stories, and often told them better.So here goes: To gain membership in a Sorority populated by plastic women in their late 20ies and early (?The tales inspire someone at the sorority to commit their own murders. They are great at posing and pouting, but pretending to laugh, is sadly beyond their reach (though this might be due to having been pawed at by a 127 year old Hugh Hefner, as that would stop most people from even cracking a smile).

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They're the young women who travel from towns and cities across America in hopes of sharing one man's incredible dream: life at the...In this horror anthology film, three girls pledge the most popular - and cruelest - sorority on campus.For their final task, they must tell the scariest story they know. See full summary » Two young couples take one last trip to the country before moving to different cities.See full summary » Ex CIA agent Damon Archer owns a gentleman's club in Las Vegas.

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One day, he discovers that a terrorist is hatching a plan to build an enormous bomb. See full summary » In this horror anthology film, three girls pledge the most popular - and cruelest - sorority on campus.

Overall, I think it deserves a 3/10, because it did manage to hold my attention till the end and because it did give me a chuckle or two.

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Yet, at the period of which we write, the propri etors of these domains were not the types of feudal barbarism which the grim relics of their extinct rule the high battlements, the vaulted dungeons, the yawning oubliettes might lead us to imagine them. 99 reported to have said, had done him a great honor in calling out against him the whole power of the Empire; the house of Burgundy had never before received such a mark of distinction. 48 For the duke himself this answer was sufficient. He had found it, however, no easy matter to over come the incoherence and disjointed action of the huge machine over which he presided. Close upon the frontier, in the neighbor hood of Guipy, the invaders were met by an equal force under the count of Koussy, son of Saint-Pol and marshal of Burgundy. This extreme alertness, as on former occasions, laid him or^en to deception. Dupont), Preuves, 7 " Je vois en Normandie a grant torn. The bulk of his troops, under the Sire de Beaujeu, admiral of France, he sent back to Picardy to complete the work he had himself begun, by laying waste the whole country, so that a hostile army, advancing from that side, would find nothing to feed upon. Originally the instinct that prompted the invasion had belonged only to the Norman sov ereign and the Norman nobility. They saw that he was already lost, or that, if a chance remained, he had not the nerve to grasp it. I will wait till you have been three months across the sea! He contrived a little scene in which business and pleasure were ad mirably blended. When the constable's agent, Louis de Xainville, was admitted to an audience, a screen behind the royal seat concealed two auditors of the interview, Commines and the Sire de Contay. As the territo ry around the camp belonged to Saint-Pol, there was some excuse for the depredations committed by the troops. 189 In their return through Picardy and the Bou- lognais the English paid the penalty of their former outrages on the population. He escaped, it is true, the penalties he had feared, and had no occasion to seek the asy lum which he had taken care to provide.… continue reading »

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Because they are so important and powerful, religious ideas inevitably influence political thought and practice.” Now that would be one of those statements we would assume just about everyone would agree to be true, but when it comes to the founding fathers, we’re in uniquely controversial territory. Obviously one side are the Christian America advocates who argue that the founders were largely Christians and that they intended to create a Christian nation, and that the founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, were constructed on the basis of biblical principles, and that they wanted to establish a Christian nation.… continue reading »

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