Brooke hogan and paul wall dating

08-Feb-2015 00:50

While her actual birthday is Monday, the former professional wrestler - and daughter of the great Hulk Hogan - got into the spirit several days ahead of time as she took in a telecast of the highly-anticipated Floyd Mayweather Jr versus Marcos Maidana boxing bout in LA.Whispering sweet nothings: Brooke Hogan got into the celebratory spirit a couple of days early, taking in a telecast of the Floyd Mayweather Jr versus Marcos Maidana boxing bout in LA with her new boyfriend ahead of her 26th birthday on Monday'I have thee best bf ever.'Pictures of the pair together first surfaced on Brooke's Instagram feed on March 23, though a month prior, she revealed that she had received a special Valentine's Day floral delivery from a new man in her life. The eighteen year old daughter of wrestling mega-icon Hulk Hogan, Brooke has been professionally singing and dancing for years and this past month has been climbing the charts with her hit single, "About Us" featuring Paul Wall. Scott [Storch] got really creative with it and he took flavors from everywhere.Not only does he know my style but he knows I LOVE turquoise he's damn good!!!(sic)' she captioned a photo of a stunning gold Michael Kors watch featuring an unusual turquoise face that matched her bracelet.Moving on: The former professional wrestler and daughter of the great Hulk Hogan appeared to be having a ball with her beau, looking happy and relaxed as they sat close together chatting throughout the match, as she moves on from her broken engagement to Dallas Cowboys player Phil Costa in November Her man, whom she's yet to formally identify despite sharing plenty of photos of the couple with fans on social media, was dressed in a short-sleeved dark blue shirt and wore a tatty blue and white baseball caps over his blonde mane and sported groomed facial hair.

When I caught up with Brooke, she was busy doing radio interviews and filming the third season of VH1's hit reality show, Hogan Knows Best. and New York I feel like are kind of getting washed up, in the music part. And I said that I grew up on Funk and Hip Hop, you know? Brooke Hogan: I wrote about, you know, typical things that girls go through, like relationships. (laughs) Brooke Hogan: (Laughs) And you know, about having a party and having to want to have a good time with life and approaching a guy and giving him your number and just everything, you know? People probably look at someone like you and say, "She's eighteen and she has her whole life ahead of her.

Brooke Hogan: I've been going to every radio station in America and we personally deliver the song to the radio station (her first single, "About Us"). Brooke Hogan: I actually asked him about that myself. But he said, "Even though I have this huge musical background, the key to having a hit song is keeping it simple, so the public can remember it and learn it quickly and stuff." So he just keeps the beat really simple, like Paul Wall, there was just the baseline and then there was (she recites the sound for me). Brooke Hogan: A producer first makes the beat, makes the song, gets the writers on it, puts the song together… makes sure there's the beat, the music, the lyrics, everything's all taken care of. So we go through the whole song together and his writers will be in there and you know, they picture how the song is supposed to sound. Did you get an opportunity to write any of your own lyrics or did you work with songwriters? At the beginning I didn't get to write that much because we were on a really pressed time schedule, but once we found out we had more time, Scott was like, "Well, you know, we have a couple more songs on the album that we need to get done. Some of these child stars that just get really, really messed up in the head and get really jaded. I think now he's not as worried because I am eighteen and he realizes that I have a good head on my shoulders. Has he loosened the reigns a little bit with dating? It was funny because, you know, parents sometimes like when you're a kid, parents tell you that Santa Claus is real and, oh my gosh, if you say a bad word, that's the end of your life, you know?

' On Monday, the birthday girl shared a sweet selfie with her boyfriend, whom she's been with since at least February but has not publicly named, in recognition of Man Crush Monday What a catch!

On Saturday, Brooke shared a pic of her stunning new gold Michael Kors watch with unusual turquoise face that matched her bracelet, writing, 'I have thee best bf ever.

We talk about what it's like having Hulk Hogan for a father, Brooke's experiences in recording her album, Undiscovered, the dynamic of the Hogan family and balancing fame with being a teenager… (Allison Kugel): What's a typical day like for you in promoting your new album, Undiscovered? And Scott Storch is one of the biggest producers in popular music right now. New York I think is more for, like, the modeling and fashion and publicity and stuff… it's great for that. My mom played me The Isley Brothers and Stevie Wonder and so I just said that I want a little bit of that kind of flavor to it. How I've actually had a couple friends that have gone through it too, you know, like one-sided love… Yeah… Brooke Hogan: You know, you do everything for this guy and he doesn't do anything for you! The things that eighteen year olds go through, right? She's successful, she's got it made." But people don't realize how hard it is to be a teenager and how something like being in love with a guy who doesn't treat you well can be the most devastating thing in the world.What are you up to today and what are you doing to promote your first album's release? What makes his producing style so unique and so sought after? When you say that somebody produced a song or produced a beat… a producer goes into the studio with a recording artist, what exactly does the producer do? He makes the beats and then he'll sit there and we go through the whole song together and he'll sit there all night. If you listen to all the songs, the bridge sounds like something The Isley Brothers would have done back in the day and it's really cool. Brooke Hogan: It's really hard to be a teenager and then throwing the music business on top of it, I can see how some of these teenagers get really messed up, you know?