Buffalo router validating identity

25-Dec-2015 01:27

Refer to the Sizing Guidelines for a list and description of cluster components, considerations, and recommendations.The primary component that may need to be scaled within a cluster is the components: { zabbix-server: 1 | Monitoring host zabbix-database: 1 component-database: 2 | Central host (n-wise scalable) api-server: 2 job-manager: 2 health-manager: 2 metrics-manager: 2 package-manager: 2 nats-server: 2 cluster-monitor: 2 router: 2 events-server: 2 instance-manager: 2 | Instance Manager hosts (n-wise scalable) auth-server: 1 | Other components (single hosts) package-manager: 1 tcp-router: 1 ip-manager: 1 graphite-server: 1 statsd-server: 1 nfs-server: 1 redis-server: 1 stagehand: 1 } section of the Orchestrator configuration includes a number of attributes that are applied to the Chef attributes that are made available to machines.

This can be used to control the co-location of different processes, or to separate a process to its own set of boxes.The Orchestrator will only have the required numbers of each process running, however when scaling a process up or down, it will always look at the set of existing machines for placement.

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