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Check the website of the National Rail Company (BDZ) for more info.The roads in Bulgaria aren’t as good as they should be.The eastern parts of the country border on the Black Sea, where beaches covering hundreds of kilometers attract Bulgarian and foreign tourists. Three national parks have been established in the country: Pirin National Park (a UNESCO natural heritage site), Rila National Park, and the Central Balkans National Park. The rail network serves all the larger populated places in Bulgaria and is generally comfortable.You can get tickets at railway stations, at transport offices in towns and cities, and at tourist agencies.The highest Bulgarian mountains are in the Rila and Pirin ranges, situated to the east of the Struma River valley.

Between the Bakans, the Rhodopes mountain and Black sea is the Gornotrakiyska Lowlands.

To the south of the capital Sofia rises the mountain Vitosha, whose highest peak is Cherni Vrah.