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Women Dont Lie - Men Dont Listen Success Coach - Doc Love Hey Doc: You are the MAN and thanks for all your great advice!

I on the other hand screwed up big time, and, well, all I can say is lesson learned.

Everything was fine until two months later when she brought it up again. Well, wouldn't you know it, things started going downhill from there.

We fought more and our conversations were less pleasant, in addition to other major red flags.

About six months into the relationship Jasmine starting complaining that I was not giving her enough attention.

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My question to you is this: did I take Challenge too far? And when Jasmine was all over you, you didnt lose Self-Control, and thats even better. And if she said, Well, I want to go dancing Saturday night, I dont care how tired you are during the day on Saturday after a long weeks work; youre taking her, man. You didnt want to use the DOC LOVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM and now youve had to pay. But you thought due to your enormous ego that the reason she wanted you back was because of high Interest Level.

At what point in the relationship should I have given in and showed her more attention? So why are you saying it was a mistake to never be proactive? Because she was telling you, Look, Im in a long-term relationship here and I need something! You didnt realize that she only wanted you back so that she could be the dumper and you could be the dumpee.

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