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I'm almost wondering if that was a script she had and was trying to follow it to a T and you caught her enough off guard that she was trying to salvage whatever she could out of it before giving up. And not only have I hit 100 watchers on Fimfiction, I've almost hit 150 watchers here on Deviant Art. Her: lol well I feel so lazy laying in bed in my panties and bra lol I was a bad girl and called in sick to work today lol just here being lazy. Fat and out of shape Is anyone else here a fan of out of shape fatpone? Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to extend my special thanks to a select few deviants who helped me out along the way...:iconloopoloopi:, whose enthusiasm and eagerness has often given me the boost I need to get started on a new fic. Skeletal/Bones showin Draw my OC CONTEST

“Blue” is mysterious, alluring, and more interested in Vada’s life than her body.

I've had several unsolicited Skype contacts who behaved in exactly the same way, with a very similar script and completely ignoring any response. XD Still, props on being able to mess with her for that long, though. None of that would have happened without you guys, so thank you all.

Idea for the next EQG movie Equestria Girls: Broken Scales: An evil race of aliens use a new kind of food additive to make everyone at Canterlot High obese and docile, allowing them to take over. I can't begin to describe how cool that felt.:iconteenwolf952:, for helping me through a crippling case of writer's block not too long ago. Yesterday, I made my first proper step to preparing to enter the world of work. Be sure to check out my Youtube channel, because the art giveaway is still open, and I will have lots of them! (must enter on Youtube)And important deviant ART and Youtube Updates! o3o Link to my channel in case you're having trouble entering the How to deal with a Kik webcam girl So I was checking Kik earlier today, and I got a message from an unknown contact -- let's call her Betty Boobs.

Corny as it sounds, I never, ever thought I would get this far when I first started writing fics.

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Thanks 99 Fimfic watchers Do you have some time to spare? I spoke to a careers advisor at college, and decided on a career path for myself -- library or archive work. Just covering some complaints and explaining how my channel is developing... Anyway, this girl started trying to get me to go to her (doubtlessly malware-ridden) webcam show, and I decided to have a little fun with her.

Then I'll tell you, just sit right there, Of 99 Fimfic watchers, And all the joy that comes from there.99 Fimfic watchers, Such a number, such a dare And just how did it all start? Having done some volunteer work at my college library earlier this year, I can say that I found it a pleasant and genuinely enjoyable experience. At the moment, my college grades tend to fluctuate between Bs and high Cs. Unfortunately, I couldn't take any screenshots from my phone, but I've transcribed the whole thing here for your entertainment!