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I'm tired all the time, but I refuse to let the menopause interfere with my life.

New research shows the age at which a woman will go through the menopause is, in the vast majority of cases, genetically determined.

But scientists have been quick to add that even women whose relatives had a late menopause should not postpone motherhood - nature can still catch you out.

To help women further, scientists are working on a new test that can reveal whether you have the 'early menopause' gene.

In the meantime, is there any way you can control the end of your fertility?

When we got out of the hospital I burst into tears.

My mother's not even been through the menopause yet, and she's 49.

We spoke to five women who all went naturally through the menopause at very different times in their lives. She says: Until I was 13, I'd had no inclination anything was wrong. My mother was really worried and took me to the doctor, who couldn't really help.

There, a specialist told me I wasn't producing any oestrogen and was going through a premature menopause. The first thing I thought was I wouldn't have any children.

I love them and have a little sister who was born when I was 11.