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As the conversation mutates from sexy to salacious to scary, the young woman falls victim to the machinations of a terrifying stalker.Dig deep and you’ll discover that this part is, in fact, a remake of a short, also called by Davy Sihali, who gets a shout out as a ‘guest director’ in the closing credits.Now that Whedon and Goddard have essentially blown apart everything we thought we knew about how a film’s late-game shock is handled, it seems like a good time to look back at the flicks that have left us reeling in bewilderment and/or amazement.Without further jawing, Complex presents: The 50 Best Movie Twists.On it’s own it’s a cracking little short, and if I could just talk about that, I would.

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There’s a big secret going on around the five collegiate archetypes (including himself, Chris Hemsworth, as the "jock") occupying the secluded cabin of the film’s title, yet Whedon and Goddard’s self-aware screenplay never makes that a mystery.

From its hilarious opening sequence onward, flaunts an inevitable twist in our faces like a stripper does her twos, and when it’s finally revealed, the payoff is, to put it lightly, exceptional.