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06-Mar-2015 22:56

Yes, believe it or not, chatroulette has software that can automatically detect male genitalia. Chatroulette 2.0 launched after a week of remaining offline.

The new site is very similar to the experimental version once located at

Many users complain that they have been banned for no reason while others just want to know how to get un-banned from chatroulette.

has recently added new image-recogition software that automatically screens images to filter out offending users. Well, its much more sophisticated than that actually.

We receive several inquiries and complaints regarding chatroueltte bans every week.

Chatroulette has integrated a very strict banning system in attempt to filter out offending users.

The newer version seems to take longer to load or to find a new partner.

This version also seems to be less stable and more likely to crash your flash player.

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The "Next" button is now single gray bar that doesn't include any descriptive text.

Shortly after the site launched in November 2009, it had 500 visitors per day. The site is averaging 35,000 visitors online at any given time.