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► Front panel Touch-Tone* Pad which allows generation of OTMF tones. MODEL NUMBER □ MARK II 1 and 2.5 Watt 2m HH □ MARK IV 1 and 4 Watt 2m HH Radios (Includes battery and 52/52 plus 5 Xtal pairs of your choice) D BG2 □ BP-4 D LG3 D LC-3P D TTP D MC-12 D WMH 440 D WMH 480 D WMH 440TT □ WMH 480TT P WA 440 □ WA480 □ WA 2080 Desk Battery Charger Extra Battery Pack Leather Case Leather Case for Touch-Tone* Pad Touch-Tone* Pad (Factory Installed) Mobile Charger Only 40W Mobile Amplifier Charger SOW Mobile Amplifier Charger 40W Mobile Amplifier Charger with Touch-Tone " Pad SOW Mobile Amplifier Charger with Touch-Tone* Pad 40W No Tuning Amplifier for Portable Radios 80W No Tuning Amplifier for Portable Radio 80W no Tuning Amplifier for Mobile Units SALE PRICE 89.00 212,00 31.00 19.00 15 00 15.00 48.50 135 00 199 00 271.00 240.00 309,00 108,00 181,00 147.00 **%\ to: Wilson Electronics 4288 South Polaris Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada 89103 Ship me all indicated on above chart. Card Number Xtais 52y/5S I j Name City r rrwastfr Chflrgf T / O Check □ Money Order DMC DVISA Expiration Date - -J— - 4- Address State Zip Signature Shipping Prepaid — Nevada Residents Add 3*% Sales Tax §^ Reader Service— sea page 179 Seventy-three, March 1930 3 Manuscripts Con tn but tons in the form of manu- scripts with drawmgb and/Or photo graphs are welcome and wttt be con 5 'tiered for possible publication We can assume no responsibility to* loss or damage to any material Please enclose a stamped, set* addressed envelope *iih each submission Pay ment for the use of any unsolicited malarial will be made upon accep- tance Ad contributions should be di- rected 10 the 73 editor ia J offices iw to Write tot 71" guidelines are available upon request Editoriol Officest Pine Street Peterborough NH 03458 Ptione; 603-92*38 Advertising Offices; Pine Street Peter borough NH 03458 Phone 003-92* 7T36. Between starting a new mag- azine this spring, working on plans for a software plant in Ireland, getting ready to pro- mote two new modes of ham communications, laying plans for getting amateur radio into a bunch of Third World countries, and a few other things like that, I can 111 afford to take time to visit hamfests, much as I enjoy them. COPING WITH PSYCHOS California has developed the kerchunking nerd to a new art form, the compleat psychotic repeater jammer.

Battery and Five free Xtal pairs of your choice with radio* Mobile Amplifier Charger and Amplifier Specifications POWER ( Watts} AMP" Useable in (Tvp J (fyp) WMH 440TT Mobile Amplifier Charger 1-6 4 40 5.0 WMH480TT Mobile Amplifier Charger 1-6 4 85 15.6 WA440 Broad Band Amplifier 1-6 4 40 48 WA480 Broad Band Amplifier 1-6 4 85 15 5 WA 2080 Broad Sand Amplifier 1 0-25 20 90 11,0 I I » • I I I I I I I I I I I MOBILE AMPLIFIER FEATURES * 5-watt audio amplifier for external speaker » Automatic fast/trickle charge. With Dynamic Dannals for a speaker, I would be eclipsed anyway, so it is best that I keep io my work at home and see how the show fares this year as an ARRL convention. old-timers have been get- ting fed up with the garbage on the bands, repeaters are getting killed by crazies, sales of equip- ment are way down, and many dealers are folding up , , . Some of the plan has to do with the two new modes of ham com- munications which I will have discussed with the industry at Aspen in January, but which will be kept secret for a while.

SO ; Magazine for Radio Amateurs 30 Good-Bye to Autopatch Hassles — low-cost remedies to common problems WB2LEI/4 34 Baudot-ASCII Converter Follow-Up — add a FIFO buffer for typing ease VE4YD, VE4CM 38 CB to 10 — part XXII: more talk power for the TRC-11.., ... VE3CAF I- * i ■#■ * * 80 \ijd Number Fun on your Micro "™ —explore mathematical curiosities with your TRS-80. 0"65946 03 Never Say Die — 4, Looking West — 8, DX — 10, Awards — 12, Contests— 14, RTTY Loop— 18, Letters— 20 f Microcomputer Interfacing— 22, Leaky Lines — 25, Ham Help — 25, 147, 149, 152, New Products— 26, Social Events— 52, Dealer Directory — 77, OSCAR Orbits — 142, FCC — 142, Corrections— 147, Propagation— 177 YOU Sfl V€ THR€€ UJn VS fi T H€NRV RADIO CALL FOR OUR LOW , LOW CASH OR CREDIT CARD PRICES ON ALL MAJOR EQUIPMENT. If the FC group is winning, then they obviously have the brains on their side.

N4APN 40 The L With It — an alternative to the variable inductor K4KI 44 Future Rig and Rigamarole — are you ready for faster-than-light propagation? W6HDM 48 Gone But Not Forgotten — superrnods for the HW-2021 ,....-. AD5X 70 Ham Shack Numerology — a gentle introduction to electronic math W6HDM 74 [T3 COMPULOG; A Multi-Purpose ■"^ Record Keeper — whither the paper logbook? VV3KBM 82 \A Baudot Message Formatter M in BASIC W6RLL 88 Lab-Quality Hi I Supply — part L « , t .#-..**** -_* Mc Clellan 96 A Do-lt-Yourself Speech Compandor — let's experiment! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR FANTASTIC MONTHLY SPECIALS ON SELECTED FINE EQUIPMENT* SYNTHESIZEDVHF f HAND HELD 1 TRANSCEIVER DRAKE TR-7 HF TRANSCEIVER KENWOOO TS-520SE H F TRANSCEIVER sv»*r Cbt Vt P ENJOY THE WORLD FAMOUS HENRY RADIO SERVICE. One approach is to turn help- lessly to the FCC for assistance, The odds are very high that they will react poorly to this, being government employees and thus not accustomed to having to deal with actual work , . other than handling reams of forms, Remember that the amateur radio "service" is reputed to be self-policing.

Look on such an occa- sion as a blessing, an opportune ty for you to try to outsmart a nerd ... The chances are very good that you will be able to enlist the help of the nerd T s neighbors, too, for it is unlikely that some- one who is so inconsiderate of his fellow hams is going to be more considerate of people who live around him.

You may be able to get some help from his fellow workers, who are prob- ably also suffering in their own way.

(Surface mail), To subscribe, renew or change an address t Write to 73 Magazine. PO Bom 031, Farming- dale NY 11737 For renewals and changes of address, include The ad dress label Irom your mosl recent issue of 73 For qi It subscriptions, la elude your name and address as well as those of gill recipients Post aster Sena lorm i357& to 73 Magazine Subscription Services. Farming- dale NY H737 Please include an ad- dress y Wayne Green ST. including the FCC, which has been laying bummers on us one after the other for a couple of years.

But what you want to do is put psychological pressure on, not break arms or cut coax.