Casual dating seattle

03-Mar-2016 09:48

Our personal matchmaking services in Bellevue and Seattle are designed to help you find your perfect match.

With our personalized matchmaking approach, you determine the characteristics and qualities of MATCH DATE LOVE singles you are looking for, and we provide you with introductions to carefully selected singles who meet your relationship goals. Please fill out the form below and one of our Matchmakers will be in touch to answer any questions you might have.

At MATCH DATE LOVE Ministry, we understand how online dating can become so monotonous.

This saves you time, heart ache and money going out on bad dates.

By joining this members-only company-in-service to singles finding love, we want nothing more than for you to find love.

This means we are here to support you in every way.

After the fun date, we provide feedback to our members.

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We want to know how the conversation was, your flirting techniques and most of all the attraction. If the feedback needs improvement then we provide private coaching to helping you on your next date.

No other company provides feedback and private coaching to ensure success.