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17-Jul-2015 02:57

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From what I understand, a marriage between a non-catholic & a catholic will always be only a blessing ceremony. You cannot enter into a sacramental ceremony if you don't believe in it I guess. There is nothing wrong in learning about Hinduism or any other major religion while being a catholic.

If one is raised in strong faith as a Catholic, one will find the beauty of the revealed love of God through the Catholic Church. I will not try to paint a rosy picture for a mix marriage. In any marriage whether catholic or not, there is going to be a lot of give and take and also a lot of finding out of different value and beliefs concepts between two person.

3) Is there anyone who entered a mixed matrimony and is happy?

2) I understand that children resulting from such a marriage are required to be baptized and raised catholic.

But is it allowed that they be imparted knowledge of Hinduism (as is my case)?

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