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John's Cathedral, which is now a notable point in Limerick City.

The Cemetery was opened in 1849, originally it formed part of the larger medieval parish of St. It is estimated that over 70,000 individuals have been interred in Mount St. The Neo-Gothic Church was designed as a mortuary chapel by architects M & S Hennessy, who also designed the tall spire of St.

Many headstones, graves, plaques and the church on site have become vandalized and tampered with.

The clustered graves and dishevelled architecture has made this a rather infamous landmark in the city.

It was designed in Celtic and Gothic Revival styles with an Arts and Crafts influenced interior.

Mount St Lawrence graveyard was the primary place of burial in Limerick City for all members and classes of society, from the wealthy and powerful to those poverty stricken. They are located mainly in the far top left corner of the graveyard.

The graveyard is now said to hold over 70,000 people.

Due to excess capacity an extension was built in 1960, while a new burial ground Mount St. The Republican Plot contains the graves of over twenty men and women who were involved in the struggle for political independence and with the republican tradition, including former Mayors of Limerick, Michael O’Callaghan and George Clancy, both killed by British security forces in March 1921.

Cemeteries in Limerick began to fall under immense pressure due to cholera epidemics in the 1830’s and the Great Famine in the 1840’s. They then leased some of the land to the Limerick Diocese for use as burials grounds. Lawrence was officially opened on March 29th 1849 in a ceremony presided over by Dr John Ryan, Bishop of Limerick at this time.

Originally it formed part of the larger medieval parish of St. This parish also contained a leper hospital, granted by King John, which was later returned to Limerick Corporation.

Mount Saint Lawrence has since contained plots reserved for certain groups, for example, religious graves, diocesan graves and a Republican plot. While the prominent families are located along the central path as you walk in the entrance, many are close to the church.This area is also known to have many problems with vandalism.

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