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20-May-2016 06:10

Just let him know that the anniversary of your first date means something special in your eyes. Be sure to mention that it is coming up and what the date is so he can prepare for the occasion also. He really is kind of funny, in that he appreciates all the time I put into making things romantic for us, but he is never the initiator.

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Ladies, are we too old at this stage of life to feel like lasting a year is a big deal and worth celebrating? If the anniversary is about him, a simple blow job will do. There may be other things to celebrate later, but this one I think will always stand. I remind my guy every month on the 14th that it's be _____ months since he first wrote to me on POF.

My fella and I just celebrated two years since we "met." (First email on Po F, lol! Card, champagne, dinner, dancing, a new flavor of chokl't rub. April 14th will be our one year anniversary of that fateful day. If not, we will both celebrate separately this year and look forward to all the years we'll have together to celebrate that wonderful day.