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Based in Northamptonshire, and part of the Splut Ltd group, aims to be the product of choice for companies preferring a bespoke dating solution.

When assets are distributed to the heirs non pro rata - that is, the assets are divided among the heirs - much and perhaps even all of any precontribution gain will be recognized on the distribution under sections 704(c)(2), 731(c), and 737.

Some have argued a refuge may be found in a contributed property exception in sections 731(c) and 737.

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In a non-pro-rata liquidation this exception is a partial refuge at best, for even if it applies to a transferee, much precontribution gain still will be recognized under section 704(c)(2).Dating is supposed to be fun after all.” Founded in 2001, is a leading provider of online dating services.The trap in section 704(c) can be avoided by distributing assets pro rata.But the trap in section 737 still awaits in a pro rata liquidation if the contributed property exception does not apply to a transferee.

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Moreover, says Gergen, there is good reason to think the distributed property exception in sections 731(c) and 737 does not apply to a transferee, in which case all precontribution gain will be recognized.

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