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These last few months have been difficult, knowing that Lemon Hound would be ending, not quite believing it.

I’ve been torn between wanting–as has been my feeling from the beginning–to save this as a space for women and diverse voices–and wanting my life back; between knowing that we need to... This is a question I have been asking a lot lately, and will continue to ask as I embark on a collection of essays about poetry.

THE FORMER REVEREND He said he was a liar, so deeply in love with himself that his fortunes had increased while he avoided gay sex, drug use, and memories thereof.

Despite the scientific method, he still said time couldn’t evolve an organ like the eye that plants sexual thoughts... [Show picture list] Donato Mancini makes visual and procedural poetry, bookworks, and visual art.

This is not a question the reader will have to ask of Bhanu Kapil‘s work though. SQ: You’ve been writing poetry for many years–I first heard about you in glowing terms back in 1999 or so–and yet you’ve just published your second book. I sought these poets knowing I was catching only a slice of northern BC’s writers, in order to offer a glimpse into some of what’s going on out here.

Is there a reticence about poetry and poetics, a rigorous poetic practice, a diverse writing life or a combination? This doesn’t represent a renaissance – there have been poets toiling in these eskers and valleys for ages – but it’s..foe 1.

His main books are: SNOWLINE (2015), Buffet World (2011) Fact ‘N’ Value (2011), Æthel (2007) and Ligatures (2005).

Notable exhibitions of Mancini’s visual artworks have included exhibitions through Artspeak,...

Stories like “Wireless”, “Hellgoing” and “Another World” all seem to have an interest in exploring and critiquing cosmopolitan aspects of city life, as well as differences between city and country life.You sign in to see her hair, silky as bull semen, her skin, dewy as snail slime. With that in mind we created this folio as a snapshot of new poets who, for right now, call Vancouver home. Welcome to the Lemon Hound Emerging Toronto Poets Folio, containing fourteen contributors (presented here in reverse chronological order): Phoebe Wang, Aaron Tucker, Kate Sutherland, Bardia Sinaee, Jenny Sampririsi, Michael Prior, Sarah Pinder, Sara Peters, Julie Joosten, Helen Guri, Scott Draper, Vincent Colistro, lindsay cahill, & David Alexander. Oh but that was booze, the test that Li Po failed, flailing visibly in silence, out of air and out of time. It was truly weird and strangely beautiful, Twice-fruited. One of them, Edgar Garcia, started his reading by introducing a poet he said that he had discovered in submissions and had since found, met, interviewed and published. She passed away this year, but not before she found... From the top of my underwear inching up my center, a painless stem. I worry the wire should be tucked inside, not forcing its way out.You yourself are from Cape Breton but now live...1 Stuck again we came up with something else Tried gluing the cardboard shards of boxes To our heads and backs like The defensive plates and spikes Of dinosaurs we weren’t but were becoming Or drove out west like a movie we remember Where girls feet rest on the dash... Not ancient Vice, unnatural growth, nature underneath The yoke, but free to flower twice,...MUK-BANG You sign in to watch the K-Pop princess eat three steaks, a bucket of kimchi, ten carp pastries filled with custard and red bean paste. The common joke is that you never have a friend who was actually born and raised in Vancouver. At its behest, lazy distracted men and women fall into swamps or drown embracing the moon. At Yale recently, I gave a reading accompanied by two graduate students.

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