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Should they wish to use a durable material (I myself am partial to bricks from the Fornax cluster, as they are modular and sturdy) I would be more apt to label them competent craftsbots. A: Dear Curious Revenge of the Fallen Fan, I was the handsome one. A: Dear prospective dimensional tourist, The Malgus Cluster is beautiful this time of year, though I've always found the Viron streams to be somewhat underrated. Nonetheless, the Lithon Protoforms seemed to enjoy the noises they were making from their instruments. Q: Dear Vector Prime, Have you ever been to the Legends universe where Rattrap and other Maximals and Predacons work and buy fictional versions of themselves? When Cybertronians interact with fictional versions of themselves, they risk causing a time paradox capable of diverting the eddies in the time flow in dangerous ways. I've watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Hulla Filament. Perhaps I could receive one for being the guardian of time and space.

On the other hand, should they wish to use flimsy curly straws or volatile energon sticks, I would be profoundly skeptical. Q: Dear Vector Prime, Which universal stream would you recommend as a holiday destination? I would suggest staying away from any negative polarity universes, in any event. Q: Dear Vector Prime, How would the Transcendent Technomorphs classify the universe in which Optimus Prime, Megatron, Soundwave and Smooth Jazz formed the band "Knights of Unicron"? Though, come to think of it, I'm not sure if that's the proper term for a Lithon young. While I understand the desire to shock, some topics should remain sacred. I suppose some cycle "spawn of Unicron" will be the sort of invective hurled with nary a second thought. One must be exceedingly careful under such circumstances. A: Dear Inquisitive Fan, I feel as if I have answered this before. But I can't see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch. A: Dear Morbid Traveler, I would be hesitant to travel to a negative polarity universe. A: Dear Chuckbot Fan, I can't say I'm familiar with chuckbots. A: Dear Cautious One, One would have to be a fool not to approach that subject with trepidation. Q: Dear Vector Prime, First off, thank you for answering all of our questions.

This is a copy of the Ask Vector Prime Facebook page at the latest update.

I hope that my unique perspective on the multiverse is of interest to you. All you've told me is that there are three of them, that they are small, and that they are pigs.Attempt to avoid asking questions that have already been asked, or that I have previously answered. Q: Dear Vector Prime, I'm thinking of building a house, and was recently approached by three little pigs who seem to be in the construction trade. Now, assuming they're not Deceptihogs from the Rovio stream or Porcineacons from the Uniend Cluster, their species shouldn't have any bearing.Q: Dear Vector Prime, What is your favorite tune to listen/dance to? The Optimus prime from both RID and the Unicorn trilogy met for the second time. A: Dear Convoy Fan, I wasn't present for such a meeting, so I could only speculate. Q: Dear Vector Prime, Can you see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Q: Dear Vector Prime, What's the deal with Optimash Prime and Bumble Spud? Generally, in essence, what is it like, being the mighty Vector Prime? If I can help foster improved understanding between our races, then perhaps we will be better able to face a dangerous and uncertain future.Given that some time has passed and both of them had changed body's since then, were they able to recognize each other and perhaps catch up on how each of their universes are doing. However, I have always found Optimus Primes to be warm, caring mechs, so what you posit is entirely possible. There is little I would choose to change about my role in the tapestry that is reality.

Their small stature may be cause for concern, though with three of them they may well be able to handle any materials needed. Did you know, I was invited to hear them play at the Kranix Memorial Stadium as a VIP guest.

Speaking of materials, this seems like a more relevant avenue to explore. If I am being perfectly honest, their music was a little on the loud side for my ancient audio processors. A: Dear Well-Informed Traveler, I cannot say that I have.