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15-Feb-2016 00:10

Fish and shellfish are abundant, and many species of jungle animals are hunted.

Al and Louisa Delvecchio relocate from Milwaukee to Chicago to open a family restaurant.

They bring along their son, Chachi, and his girlfriend, Joanie, comes to stay with them over the summer, but eventually decides to move there because of school.

Chachi's band plays at Al and Louisa's restaurant, and the series follows the ups and downs of Joanie and Chachi's relationship in this spin off of the popular sitcom, Happy Days.

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Like the Tsáchila, the Chachi believe themselves to be descended from peoples of the Andean highlands. Agriculture, fishing, and hunting are the chief sources of food for the Chachi.Plantains, cassava (manioc), sugarcane, yams, and peppers are grown; some domestic animals are raised, but they are not a major food source.

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