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20-Feb-2016 01:53

As a matter of fact, a lot of the comments on her post are from fans congratulating her for being out on what looks like a date with a total (younger) hunk.

There’s also other pictures on Aaron Jones’ Facebook page that he’s added of both him and Kathryn hanging out.

"Currently, I'm not seeing anyone," Ravenel told a caller during Monday night's episode of Although Ravenel claims he's single after splitting from Dennis months ago, he is on the hunt for a new woman, and he knows what he wants in a future partner. As for why he and Dennis often find themselves in Twitter feuds, Ravenel explained, "I think it's more retaliatory.

"The qualities I'm looking for, someone who is normal. Sometimes, I have a problem controlling my temper, as you notice on TV.

I've stopped doing that lately." Dennis also recently spoke out about dating, claiming that while she is currently single, she's hoping to one day get married."I think I'm a little high maintenance when it comes to men now.