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Today's hotel fire is thought to have been caused by faulty electrical wiring.Each of the hotel's rooms had a fire alarm but it is thought the system did not work.It is thought the fire started on the third floor and as lethal smoke filled the building guests were unable to escape because their windows were blocked by thick metal grills.Most of the victims were members of the Christian group who had come from outlying provinces for a prayer meeting. s fire chief said the hotel violated several safety regulations when it was inspected two to three months ago.It is not clear why the hotel was allowed to operate despite violations like grilled windows, which didn't provide for a fire escape.

Taken Out is primarily a studio-based show, with limited amounts of location-based material, that involves a single person who is introduced to thirty single people of the opposite sex which were revealed to them in the Taken Out arena.

The show is split into two sections: The initial selection in the studio, and the two stage date.