Chat mastribution

25-Aug-2015 22:57

I'm addicted to masturbation and its been almost 8 years since I started masturbating.

I started watching pornography almost before 8 years and from that day on-wards I got addicted to Masturbation and Pornography which has now completely ruined by spiritual life, physical health, mental health and now finally it is disturbing be in my career as well by not allowing me to stay focused, motivated towards my job. I hate praying and whenever my mom calls me to pray rosary or read bible I hesitate to go.

But facing your pain is the only way for you to feel the profound and overwhelming love the Lord has for you. I feel for you, the best thing I had a problem in the past, only minor but I know how you feel, during my time the first thing I did and is essential is reconciliation, it reconnects you with god and absolves sins.

A big problem with these things is that they make people feel isolated and it is difficult to overcome this problems alone. You do it when you're alone, so you need to be around other people or stay busy when others are not around.

Maybe volunteer to help parish or charity websites if you're a computer person, that will fill in some extra hours outside of work to keep you busy.

I was a very spiritual kid praying daily rosary, reading bible and brought up in a spiritual catholic family. I'm completely hooked to the computer since basically I'm a computer programmer.

And in night times I watch porn and masturbate while all are asleep. I am not advocating masturbation but I want you to know that all men have masturbated. Also, pornography depicts a form of sexuality that is not rewarding, a form of giving or realistic in any sense.

I'm doing my best to stop this worst habit that is ruining my health very badly. Finally, you seem to have issues beyond masturbation and pornography.It has cause me varicocele recently, because of hormone imbalance by lower body is gaining more fat, I'm always tired, lethargic, lazy, lost my interest in everything, becoming bald, lost my stamina, and etc at this young age. Every time you feel as though there is a need to sin, instead of going to a porn sight go to a prayer sight. Hopefully the effort will distract you and turn your thoughts back to God. I would suggest the problems of masturbation/pornogrpahy are a symptom of other underlying problems related to low self-esteem/confidence.Do not watch TV programs, films or listen to music that give you lustful thoughts. A change of scenery might help your brain overcome these problems. I've been where you are, and I can tell you that there is freedom for you!Also, you seem to be experiencing what may be signs of depression. Otherwise, you may need to see a counselor or get on some medication for a while. It will be painful for you to realize what you are hiding from. Let me know if there's any other way I can help you.

Could anyone please help me to get rid of this problem? But I want to stop this completely and put all my focus on my career, STRONG HEALTH, family, get rid of negative thoughts, greed, lust etc. I even try to pray rosary but nowadays I don't feel like praying it at all. Seek professional help and know that God loves you just as you are/ I would suggest going to an addiction support group.

Nowadays I'm even noting down in a journal while I masturbate. Get some software to either block porn sites and/or send reports to an accountability buddy.

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