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I joined and realised immediately that I had made a mistake (literally 10 minutes later).The terms and conditions stated that I had 14 days to change my mind.How do I get my money back and put a stop to future scams. Most US banks will not let you use their credit cards to sign up for a reason -- Cupid will renew your paid membership even when you have an end date.They hide the place where you get to stop the subscription. It is also filled with romance scammers -- and they are not removed even if you report them. I had written you about and the various foreign men that tried to scam me.I then decided to tell each one that said how much they really liked or loved me that they had to show me a picture ID or license and a bill with their address on it to prove to me that they were who they said they were. These men who were so in love or liked me a lot completely dropped off the face of the earth and even their phone numbers are changed.I was relieved that I was well within this timeframe and seeing as I didn't activate my account I assumed that my refund of £30 would be made within 24hrs.10 days later, I have not received any acknowledgement or any contact from this company.Some of the men I questioned all seemed to be in business for themselves.

I would like to exercise my consumer rights and for my money to be return to me immediately.stole money from me and I never signed up with them.I don't know how they got my information or my credit card number.They took 140.00 out of my account without me knowing, did not get any emails with an account name or password but yet they took my money.

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I know, I've reported them and they were never removed. Well I decided to also to go to Cupid which I believe is owned by the owners of and also Zoosk. I found many profiles being shared amongst the three dating sites.Many of the men's backgrounds as far as where they lived, their name, phone numbers, their age, and if they were widowers or married, proved to be inaccurate or false information given by them.