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11-Dec-2014 18:47

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The number is based on the sexual discrepancy among people aged 19 and below.

‘That's a living child,' I said in a shaking voice, pointing at the slops pail. Girl babies don't count.'” In January 2010 the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) showed what can happen to a country when girl babies don't count.

Within ten years, the academy said, one in five young men would be unable to find a bride because of the dearth of young women—a figure unprecedented in a country at peace.

XINRAN XUE, a Chinese writer, describes visiting a peasant family in the Yimeng area of Shandong province. “We had scarcely sat down in the kitchen”, she writes (see article), “when we heard a moan of pain from the bedroom next door…The cries from the inner room grew louder—and abruptly stopped.

There was a low sob, and then a man's gruff voice said accusingly: ‘Useless thing!

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To help you stay safe, chats are anonymous unless you tell someone who you are (not suggested! Predators have been known to use Omegle, so please be careful.

If you prefer, you can add your interests, and Omegle will look for someone who's into some of the same things as you instead of someone completely random.

Others are pointing out the obvious, like the fact that R. … continue reading »

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If the chat room says you are banned its probably because you never activated your acct by clicking on the link in the email you got when you first joined, before it didnt matter but we had to tighten things up because of all the spamming going on.… continue reading »

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How to make an animated GIF on Mac 3GP is an unusual file format, most often used on mobile phones, but it can be handled by an extremely useful (free) video player called VLC.… continue reading »

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To the West, there arose such names as the American M1 Thompson, the British Sten Gun and the German MP43 series and each proved, in their own way, the value of such compact firearms capable of dealing "machine gun-type" shock unto the enemy.… continue reading »

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