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20-Nov-2014 19:43

Whether you're one month into a casual relationship or 10 years into a committed one, intimacy is fluid and personal.

Our libidos aren't static, and tons of things — from medications to expectations — affect desire. We frequently try new things — toys, positions, etc.

The stress plus the lack of physical time together means that we're really only able to get it on once on the weekend. I did pull out the vibrator the other day, which was nice.

I've told my partner that I want to try watching porn together, and he says that he's okay with it, but somehow he seems hesitant, so we haven't tried it.

I think about having sex with other people sometimes, and I might do that. However, I do feel bored while having sex sometimes.

At first, we were really into kink and bondage, toys, role-playing, crazy latex, watching porn together — the whole nine yards. It’s only been recently that our sex life has slowed to a trickle and it makes me really sad. I think only time will tell if it will come back — or if we’ll both need to move in search of more compatible sexual partners.”“I am super-happy in my relationship.

We asked 12 women in relationships to give us the low-down on their sex lives — what they love "In the beginning of our relationship, my then-girlfriend and I had sex ALL. We also didn't live together before we were married.

So, we used to fool around almost every time we saw each other. My husband and I are both extremely busy and work opposite schedules.

There isn't one "correct" frequency for sex; we're all so different, and our relationships are all so different. After a few months, we calmed down, and have never gotten back to that place of urgency. — but usually revert back to the same routine after a little bit.

The most important element is whether we're satisfied. When you find something that works for both of you, it's hard to be motivated to commit to something else.""My husband and I waited until we were married to have intercourse (we did other things while we were dating).

The best thing for us is actually hotel sex, even if it's a 'staycation' — because that seems to be the only way we can truly detach from chores and all of the distractions at home."“Our relationship has had its ups and downs.We’ve had a more open situation, we’ve broken up, we’ve gotten back together, I've experimented with dating women and men.