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31-Jul-2016 19:11

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The fact that they may be on my hardrive histroy etc, were does this leave me? I can only think they may have been a link on a chat room some one posted, but i have never clicked download n save etc.

Are images posted in char rooms by random people classed as downloads?

Its not all that likely that they captured you by means of an IP address. If it was in this instance though then of itself that's very weak evidence.

This computer has multiple users and anyway, an IP address does not prove who was operating the relevant machine.

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Are images posted by others on chat rooms classed as me downloading them?

chat site in question is just a adult one,,,The police said that my Ip address had accessed one site once, i can only think it was a link that some one posted n i opened witho out knowing what it was linking are pictures that other people post on chatrooms that i have not saved etc not classed as downloaded then? It is only me and my wife who use the computer so its only websites i have been on.

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