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01-Sep-2015 08:50

"The perpetrator will then record videos of the victim without their knowledge and use it to extort them with threats to make it public on You Tube and other social networking sites, or direct it to the victim's family and friends," said Dr Amirudin.Suspects would usually demand money, usually in US currency, to be banked into Western Union accounts.KUALA LUMPUR: Despite repeated warnings by authorities that Nigerian men are posing as beautiful women to entice victims to strip in front of a webcam, people are still falling for the scam.National cyber security agency Cyber Security Malaysia said that at least two people fell victim to the scam every week in 2014, with over 121 cases reported to the Cyber999 Help Centre."We have observed an increase in the number of cyber blackmail scam incidents in this first quarter of 2015.

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"More users may fall into victims if proper mitigation measures are not in place," he said. group on Facebook, and want to know what are they using PC or laptop to chat via sign language in their life?