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10-Apr-2015 06:02

It won't happen overnight, but here are some ways to move your mom relationships to the next level. "We exchanged phone numbers." The moms bumped into each other a few weeks later and planned a play date.

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How to Turn Acquaintances into Friends Now that you know where the moms are, the real challenge is making a genuine connection that could blossom into a friendship."Making intimate connections takes time because they are based on feeling a sense of trust and loyalty and having shared experiences," says Levine. I met a great mom at a restaurant because our boys were smiling and laughing at each other," she says.If you work at a large company, ask your human resources department to help you start a working moms group that meets over lunch.Before you know it, you'll be flush with mom acquaintances.

After her son was born, she was planning to spend time with two friends who had young kids. I thought my baby would be safest at home, so that is where I stayed most of the time." By her son's first birthday, this Colorado Springs, CO, mom knew it was time to find a larger group of friends, but she wasn't sure where to start. New moms who don't have close friends on the same motherhood track, let alone the same block, find themselves craving a friend to share the ups and downs of motherhood.But once he arrived, her friends were too busy with their children and other responsibilities to squeeze in much face-to-face time. "It's nice to be able to reach out to someone else who has experienced nursing problems or who is as sleep-deprived as you are," says Irene S. Where to Meet Moms With a little creative thinking, it's not hard to find ways to meet other moms in your area.