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Lost and Found on Main Street is great for homewares and General Store on Lincoln Avenue is good for buying gifts.I love the hike at Will Rogers that leads you down to barns of horses.I am never ever without Quintons and Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, as well as little talismans (like the crystal, pictured) that I carry or wear or both! We were once mostly focused on juice and plant-based milks, but we’re rapidly becoming known for our Moon Foods, Moon Pantry, and Moon Dusts.That’s what Moon Juice really is–not just a juice shop–but rather a healing force for those seeking beauty, wellness, and longevity. A.’s different neighborhoods inform Moon Juice’s different locations?I chose Silver Lake for the second Moon Juice location so that I could bring juice to my friends!I lived on the Eastside and as an urban dweller, the idea of Venice–with its walking and bike culture–appealed to me.This was before the juice bar craze, but it seemed like a community that would support juice.Strolling the streets of Venice after a meal never gets old, and I love a walk in the sand–it’s great to park at the Annenberg Beach House and walk from there. Our products are 100 percent organic, nutrient dense, and always activated (sprouted).

Kippy’s Ice Cream has my favorite vegan ice cream: fresh pressed coconut cream that’s fermented into a perfect, tangy yogurt.

On Abbot Kinney I love Heist for cozy, luxurious everyday wear and Tortoise General Store.

Amanda Chantal Bacon is the force behind Moon Juice.

Her nutritive creations–and her alarmingly glowy skin–have earned global accolades from both the fashion set and the gourmet food world.

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With shop locations in Venice, Silver Lake, and in the Ace Hotel in DTLA, Moon Juice has gained a devoted Los Angeles following. Gjelina Take Away and Gjusta–I love these places for their farmers’ market veggie sides and for their cortados with almond milk.

We asked Bacon to let us in on some of her beauty secrets and to show us her L. Contents: Vintage Apache bag, rose water charged with rose quartz, face mist, Liposoheric Vitamin C, Odacite X Moon Juice Clare de Lune face serum, moonstone talisman, Quinton (a glass shot of sea minerals harvested from a vortex on the coast of Spain that does wonders for the nervous system), braids of Indian incense, Living Libations essential oil, Sex Dust (I take Sex Dust multiple times a day for a dose of creative energy that keeps my work days long and passionate), and green juice. Shima has a kombu and mushroom broth that’s insane.