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17-Feb-2015 04:00

Photographer Eric Cheng says he was “in the southern Bahamas to photograph oceanic white-tip sharks,” when his ship’s captain “heard there were pigs on Big Major.” So they dropped everything and went to check it out. “Upon reaching the sandy white beach, it is easy to spot the pigs – both pink and dark brown – lying in the sand,” says Cheng.It’s the perfect environment for the pigs to laze around all day like little beach bums.They frolic in the water, swimming along-side each other and showing off their paddling skills to visitors.

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It seems the pigs are able to tell when their next ‘shipment’ is arriving, so they eagerly plunge into the waves when they spot a yacht.

They sweem a few feet up to the vessel, in the hope of getting the best catch.

So when I heard about this tiny island that a bunch of pigs had all to themselves, I just had to find out more!

Turns out this pig island is located in the Bahamas, where the creatures were first discovered in 2009 by photographer Eric Cheng and captain Jim Abernathy.

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It’s interesting how the pigs appeared on this island in the first place.Rumor has it that a few sailors passing by the island a few years ago thought to leave a few pigs behind and turn the place into a reliable and secret source of food.

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