Chatrooms in perth no credit cards

16-Nov-2015 05:56

Love doing the Surveys, EVEN if I don't get the Joobz that are on offer, just love clicking buttons, waiting for that Joob to be added. I havent put credit on my phone for ages knowing i can come here, and go for prizes gain joobz and share. I'm hoping to be in the Hottest Member contest next month! i love smsfun its awesome i get to meet new people and stay connected with ma family and friends when im out of credit i love love smsfun im glad i found this smsfun website coz it has helps me in many ways thank people for this website smsfun Without au & the magical 'Joobz' I would be lost staying in touch with friends between pay-days & HAVING to buy pre-paid credit. im forver running out of credit with my phone and i know the first place to turn to when i have something important to say !! Thanks SMSFUN for keeping me close to friends and family.

That is how dedicated I am to this wonderful and amazing site. It not only gives you free texts and other great offers and competitions, It is also an awesome place to meet new and interesting people and friends. im glad i came across this site when googling for free txts.i found other sites but not quite like this one. loadsa free txts and mms sending per day, but its even a place to meet people and hear the banter as we say in belfast It's fun and there are so many opportunities to win stuff. It allowed me to stay connected without massive phone bills attached.

smsfun is the best it means uve always got credit u always meet new people catch up with the latest gossip n news freeee to join n send wats more to know.. OVER CHRISTMAS AND THE NEW YEAR, SMSFUN IS GIVING US ALL UNLIMITED FREE MSG'S its so convenient..

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After transferring my prepaid mobile network to Optus, I earned a wopping 1000 Joobz which translated into approx. Thanx.i always used to get upset when i ran out of credit koz the i would have to wait 1 week to get more till i found out about smsfun totally awesome i love it i wouldnt know what i would do without it running out of credit now is awesome thanks very much smsfun I joined SMSFUN initially because I urgently needed to be able to contact someone. Now i'm completely addicted to SMSFUN for millions of reasons other than free SMS. I always want to talk and chat with my family in US, Philippines, Taiwan.sending an sms for them is a very cheap way of letting them know I always communicating with them...smsfun help me a lot of saving my pocket and same time fun...thank you smsfun... Words cannot express how much I really enjoyed SMSFun that gives me a whole lot of reason to keep me coming back for more. With Sms Fun is great with, cheap and comes with the bonuses of a social networrk. I wish I could donate a couple of bucks at least, but I can't, and I am not sure I should say why.So SMSFUN = free SMS when your in a bind but then I actually bothered to pay attention (I have a short attention span) and I noticed that the site wasn't just some internet txt site it was a whole forum and community site where you can meet people and WIN FREE STUFF!!! SMSFUN SMSFUN is the best site ive been using it for a couple years and swear by it its never let me down and it wont let you down so come try it i dare you you will never look back and will be addicted... Please, those who can donate, do it and help keep this gorgeous site alive. U CANT LOSE, ITS A WIN WIN SITUATION, IF U DONT BECOME A MEMBER THAN UR MISSING OUT. Fun to prank your friends too (using the Anonymous txt option). Get rid of your smart phones and just get onto au and get txting!! I'm always running out of Credit in the worst places. This site has helped at times when I have had no credit, however I still log in even though I am on a plan now to catch up on all the goss & fun! SMSFUN rocks because it has been there for me through the tough times as a uni student with minimal wage and little phone credit. Recommend to anyone who hates typing on a mobile phone and like the ease of typing on a keyboard.

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I've gone through many other sites and i couldnt believe my eyes when this one actually worked. I DON'T even care when I'm told that there will be no advertisment in my msgs that I send, but there they are, their awesome site info right under my important txt- doesn't even faze me, infact-I Love It. This site is ALWAYS reliable & my absolute favourite SMS site. Since I changed over to a phone plan that doesn't include international calls or texts, SMSFun has been even more AMAZING than it was before.

The only other decent website is smspup which just doesn't give you enough! and along the way i have met some great friends in the smsfun community! I can text my friends in England without running up a massive phone bill :)If you think about sms fun is one of the best sites round. I don't go on often like I should but i keep telling all my friends to sign up and they r all starting to.

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