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10-Aug-2015 01:30

Thankfully this is not all that common, however it is always in your best interests to watch out for imposters.

There are a lot more of the out there than you may think.

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Unfortunately, singles looking for an erotic adventure do put themselves at risk of fraud.

Nowadays especially, a certain term has developed for online dating fraud, known as “catfishing”.

It's simple; don't promise marriage just to get a date.

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About midway through season five, sparks flew between the two close last season and even bonded over their love for men — Rachel even opened up about Finn to her. After Finn’s death, she never really did that — she thought being Fanny in “Funny Girl” was her dream, but it clearly wasn’t since she snuck around to get to LA. Can’t she just focus on herself without a guy (which yes, I know, it’s a little unheardof in , Sam and Rachel could become closer friends — he could help with Glee Club, in a way of remembering Finn, and they could really lean on each other while both being back in their hometown. We know Ryan wanted the show to end with Rachel and Finn in the choir room, but now that that’s out, I would be completely game for Rachel being alone in the choir room or with the original Glee Club family — that is her home and they are her home. … continue reading »

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We know that relying on fate alone to deliver the love of your life can take a little longer that you would hope, so we streamline that whole process.… continue reading »

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