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11-May-2016 15:40

A few years back I commented to a highly intelligent and articulate young Romanian on the proliferation of industrial pig units in rural Transylvania.

He was a keen fisherman and passionate about protecting his country’s beautiful mountain trout streams. “They are just pigs.” Romanians, like other Eastern Europeans, are mighty meat eaters and, like my angling acquaintance, largely indifferent to the suffering of farmed animals.

In Taiwan he inspected an “organic” egg farm where 300,000 hens were confined in cages stacked seven deep and starved to shorten the intervals between laying cycles.

He boated across the waters of Chesapeake Bay to see how this marine wonderland had been fouled by waste from the poultry industry.

A third of global production of cereals goes on feeding beasts for the slaughter.

More than half of Argentina’s farmland has been turned over to grow soya beans to be made into animal feed for export.The surface is a glistening layer of grease, while the seabed is a sludge-choked dead zone.

Accordin tae Hesiod's Theogony, she wis born whan Cronus cut aff Uranus's genitals an threw thaim intae the sea, an she arose frae the sea foam (aphros).… continue reading »

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