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So I pitched the idea of doing a collaboration with a few different breweries, and Belching Beaver was the first one to come back and really be engaged.

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I put the vocals on it and then it was this song that wasn’t really meant to be, but just happened.Deftones have been working on a new album, and now more details are being revealed about when it will likely be released. Carter (below), frontman Chino Moreno announced that their new album has a tentative release date of Sept. In the interview with Carter, Moreno elaborated a bit about the album, saying, “The record as far as music has been all recorded and I’m currently working on the vocals.Deftones frontman Chino Moreno talked with about the band’s new beer, Phantom Bride IPA, which was brewed in partnership with Belching Beaver Brewery.In addition to hinting that there might be more beers in the future and discussing his own favorites, he explained why he decided to team up and put out a band-themed beer: “I was jealous of other bands putting out beers, loving beer as much as I do.

Every time I hear it it’s like one of those old super-fast punk jams that are just undeniable – it’s like, get in the pit and start swinging, leap off the stage or whatever floats your boat.

Bad Brains are another one of my favourite bands.” Down “Stone the Crow“, 1995 “When we first started touring in ’96 we were in a van, four guys, a tech and a tour manager.

However, for the last two weeks I feel like something changed. and it’s definitely not because I’m greedy or self-centered (I’m generous and I like giving to others…… continue reading »

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