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30-Aug-2015 23:00

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She is the quintessential stay-at-home wife whose job it is to look cute and make the husband feel relaxed when he comes home from a hard days work.Even Hideki responds to Chi’s cuteness by promising he’ll work hard and buy Chi the software she needs.Chi literally cannot learn anything without input from Hideki.Her cuteness and innocence are really played up, and those are the parts of her personality that draw Hideki towards her.She has no purpose beyond to fall in love and serve that one person.It’s a ~magical persecom~ because it’s capable of ~love~ and shit. The main focus of the story is whether people can fall in love with persecoms.

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I first saw Chobits very soon after I got into anime and something about it really grabbed me. That was back when I was a horny teenager who deliberately searched out anime with the tags ‘harem’ and ‘ecchi’. The story, for those uninitiated, is set in a world where everyone owns humanoid computers called persecoms.Most of them were utterly terrible dribble, but then came Chobits which managed to blow me away because it actually had depth. That is, apart from our shmuck lead Hideki because he’s a poor farmboy who failed to get into college and now has to live on peanuts while taking cram school to retry the entrance exams.

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