Christian dating engagement timeline

02-Apr-2015 19:12

Many serious dating relationships face a stage that I’ll call the “doldrums.” The definition of the doldrums is, “a state or period of inactivity and stagnation." You’ve been dating for maybe a year or more.

You like each other, but you’re not quite sure where you’re heading as a couple.

In the doldrums, you probably have some hesitations about the guy you are dating.

If your mind works like mine, you probably change your mind every few days.

At times you can convince yourself that this guy is “marriage potential.” But then something prompts you to reconsider.

Can you really see yourself spending the rest of your life with him? Many couples in this situation stay in the doldrums refusing to move forward or call it quits. But he was nothing like the guy I thought I would marry.

You might even have decided to move in together as a quasi-commitment that seems to buy you some time. I had concerns about how different our backgrounds and personalities were, and I was terrified of making a mistake.

Yet, how do you discern whether to move things forward or backward?If this describes your relationship, here are three things you can do to answer that question.

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