Christian dating q and a method for relative dating

27-Jul-2016 05:34

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There is a level of intimacy that you cannot achieve with someone who does not share your faith.

I was married to a man that shared my faith before, so I know how wonderful that can be. All those things can really distract you from your walk with the Lord.

But I find I am turning down, good datable men because they either are not Christians or are just casual Christians. Proverbs The thing we often forget is that when we belong to Jesus, there are things in which we are limited.

What this means is that the believer’s life will be a testimony to the unbeliever and that the believer’s faith may lead the unbeliever to faith in Christ. Can a non-Christian man lead a spiritually mature woman? The bible tells us that the man should be the spiritual leader in a relationship. You may find that you have opposite views from a non-Christian in many areas.

Still not an ideal situation and not one that God chooses for His people. What happens is that you will be tempted to compromise.

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2 Corinthians There is nothing inherently wrong with dating unbelievers. One of those things is the pool of people we can choose from to have a husband or wife.

However, since God’s Word is not only a compilation of specific statements about life, but also a book of principles for living the Christian Life, there is more to think about when it comes to dating non-believers. Trying to find someone who is compatible with you, someone whose personality really works with yours, who you find attractive who loves the Lord Jesus … The Bible tells us that the way of Christ is narrow and that there are not many who find it.

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