Christian online dating good or bad

31-Mar-2015 15:27

After looking on some of those I found there to be some really unattractive women on there.And I will stand by view that the person you look for needs to be attractive both inside and out.You should never feel as if you settled, I don’t want a girl settling for me and I don’t want to feel as if I settled for some girl either.So being physically attractive was a priority on my list.and wondered if I’d want him to write-up his perspective. As women, we analyze and then over analyze what little we know of the male brain to no end.

Besides I won’t tell anyone I am on it.” So I looked for the free ones because again, “paying for an online dating website was for losers.” But not long after swimming with “Plentyof” I soon figured out that most of those were bombarded with profiles that were titled, “Just looking for some fun,” or “If you can have fun, then you can’t have nun” …just trashy girls really.I’d like to believe myself to be a good guy; I have a good head on my shoulders, a career, a car, an apartment (just got one but still…), I get along with people, I would like to humbly say I am good-looking, and I hold to a Christian world view with Christian morals.